Mass Marking and Selective Fisheries Presentations


pdf-iconMass Marking and Selective Fisheries Presentations from AFS 2007 Annual Meeting

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This is a set of recent 'Powerpoint' presentations regarding Mass Marking and Mark Selective Fisheries.

pdf-iconSustaining Fisheries and Natural Stocks Motivations, Opportunities, Challanges, and Unanticipated Consequences Gary S. Morishima

pdf-iconImformation Requirements for Assessing Impacts of Mark Selective Fishing Marianna Alexandersdottir

pdf-iconImpact of Mass Marking  and Mark Selective Fisheries on the Integrity and Future of the CWT Recovery program David Hankin

pdf-iconImpacts of Mass Marking of Chinook and Coho Salmon on Sampling Programs and Fisheries in Southeast   Ron Josephson

pdf-iconPerspectives of a State Director Jeffrey P. Koenings, PhD.

pdf-iconIncidental Mortality in Mark-Selective Salmon Fisheries   Robert Kope

pdf-iconMass Marking and Mark Selective Fisheries: Perspectives from Columbia River Tribal Fishereis Management Experience   Michael A. Matylewich

pdf-iconMass Marking and Management of Great Lakes Fisheries T. Newcomb and K. Smith

pdf-iconLogistics and Technology of Mass Marking and Electronic CWT Recovery in Pacific Salmon Ron Olson

pdf-iconOperational Issues with Mass Marking and Mark Selective Fisheries Chuck Parken and Brian Riddell

pdf-iconEstimating Selective Impacts on Coho and Chinook Salmon Kristen Ryding, Ph.D. and Annette Hoffmann, Ph.D.

pdf-iconA Tiered Assessment Framework for Mark Selective Fisheries Kristen Ryding, James B Scott, Jr., and Annette Hoffman

pdf-iconThe Mark-Selective Fhishery and Move to Broad-Scale Catch-and-Release Regulations in British Columbia's Steelhead Trout Populations Bruce R. Ward