RMPC Introduction



The Regional Mark Processing Center managed projects include principally:  

  • Coded-Wire Tag (CWT) database - The central United States repository for all coded-wire tagged and otherwise associated release, catch, sample, and recovery data regarding anadromous salmonids in the greater Pacific Coast Region of North America.

  • RMIS Standard Report System - Query the CWT database and run reports of Releases, Recoveries, Catch/Sample, or Location Codes.

  • RMIS Analysis Report System -  Query the CWT database and run Recovery reports based on Tag Code and/or Management Fishery.

The RMPC undertakes the design, development, implementation, and on-going evaluation of the central database for the storage and retrieval of Pacific Coast wide CWT and related fisheries information.  The RMPC validates multi-agency submissions of CWT release, monitoring & evaluating, recovery and related data used for Pacific salmon and steelhead research studies and harvest management.  This includes managing the data exchange specification, validating data submissions, generating reports, and distributing documentation.  The data center is managed using modern, up-to-date relational-database management software on the PSMFC RMPC server computer and is supported by the PSMFC Computer Services Center staff.  

The RMPC assists the Pacific Salmon Commission's Working Group on Data in the development of CWT data exchange formats.  In addition, it provides the Pacific Coast wide user community with current and updated CWT data format specifications following any revisions made by that Working Group.  

The RMPC also provides technical support for the Regional Committee on Marking and Tagging by annually reporting to this committee on the status of CWT datasets and data center operations, and by providing incidental technical support as requested by members of the committee.