Tag Prefix Contact List

  Agency Tagged Releases  Untagged Releases  Contact Email Address
    Tag Prefix*  Coordinator Code**     

ADFG 04,13,31,47,50 !01,!12,!13 Oxman, Dion dion.oxman@alaska.gov
CCT 20 !20 Baldwin, Casey casey.baldwin@colvilletribes.com
CDFO 02,08,12,18,28  !03,!09 Ridgway, Brenda brenda.ridgway@dfo-mpo.gc.ca
CDFW 06 !08 Azat, Jason jason.azat@wildlife.ca.gov
CRITFC 61 !15 McClure, Marianne mccm@critfc.org
IDFG 10  !10 Leth, Brian brian.leth@idfg.idaho.gov
NMFS 03,23 !02, !06 Masuda, Michele michele.masuda@noaa.gov
NPT 22 !16 Wickard, Drew dreww@nezperce.org
NWIFC 21 !14 Phillipson, Ken kphillipson@nwifc.org
ODFW 07,09  !05 Clark, Trevol trevor.r.clark@state.or.us
QDNR   !17 Curtright, Shari scurtright@quinault.org
STIL   !18 Konoski, Kate kkonoski@stillaguamish.com
USFWS 05 !07 Cross, Ben benjamin_cross@fws.gov
WDFW 16,62,63 !04 Anderson, Lynn anderlma@dfw.wa.gov
YAKA 19 !11 Bosch, Bill bill_bosch@yakama.com

NOTE:  Tag Prefix and Coordinator Codes are used to aid in management and tracking of release groups.  At this time BLANK Wire releases are recorded using the "UnTagged Coordinator Code".

To determine the disposition of recovered tag codes, refer to the associated contact for the tag prefix(es).

*  Tag Prefix are derived from the first two characters on Code Wire Tags of "Tagged" release groups.
** Coordinator Codes are derived from "!" character followed by 2 character coordinator code of "UnTagged" release groups.